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The information presented to you on this show must be listened to with an open mind. Unless you are willing to put everything you think you know temporarily on hold, and open up to the possibility that you have been deceived and lied to your entire life, this show is not for you. 

Straight Talk Radio is a controversial talk show discussing everything from Government, Politics, Military, Economy, World Events, Conspiracies, Cover-up's, Secret Societies, New World Order, One World Order and the Illuminati.


How many of us know that Obama has taken the unprecedented step claiming Martial Law powers for himself in an Exclusive Order he signed on March 16, 2012. Never before in our Nations's history has a President claimed this level of power for himself. It is still unclear why this order was signed now and what the consequences are going to be for our Nation, especially during times of peace. This type of Martial Law imposes a Government takeover on U.S. citizens that is typically reserved for National Emergencies, not in time of relative peace.

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

This self-proclaimed illuminati Insider appeared on the "Above Top Secret" forum in October 2008, giving away information about the Illuminati Agenda and their goals. The reason for this, he says, is because time is right for us to know some of what is going on behind the scenes. And when he explains WHY he needs to reveal it now, it's very convincing. In this article I will post the dialogue between the "Above Top Secret Forum" members and "Hidden Hand" in its entirety.

Wake Up People! (caution..strong language)

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