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You Don't Need Alot Of Equipment To Be A Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunting doesn't have to be expensive, you don't have to spend a lot of money buying equipment, after I spent thousands of dollars I realized all I really needed was the basic items below. After you buy the basic Items I suggest below the only thing that will cost you money after that is buying supplies to maintain your equipment (batteries, etc..) and your travel expenses such as any fees to go on public ghost hunts, gas, food and maybe hotels if you stay over night.

*Kodak Easyshare Z710 7.1 MP Digital Camera with 10xOptical Zoom by Kodak..Price: $391.99 on (Amazon.com)

*K-II EMF Meter for Ghost Huntin..Price: $59.90 on (Amazon.com)

*SainSonic SS550 -50 Degrees to 550 Degrees Non-contact Instant-Read Infrared Digital Temperature Thermometer Gun..by SainSonic..
Price: $25.99 on (Amazon.com)

*Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap..by Streamlight..Price: $29.75 on (Amazon.com)

*Large Copper Dowsing Rods 6" X 24" by..C. Green..Price: $25.99 on (Amazon.com)

*Gear Vest..Price: $49.95 on (Ghoststop.com)

*TAPS Deployment Bag..Price: $49.95 on (Ghoststop.com)

*Vanguard VGC-13 Aluminum Gear Case 18' x 13' x 7'.. 
Price: $79.95 on (Ghoststop.com) **less expensive ones available**

*Extra Batteries for your equipment.

**Note: Items and prices on Amazon.com and Ghoststop.com are subject to change without notice**

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Father Andrew Calder

Birth: Dec. 5, 1964  
Death: Sep. 20, 2012

Father Andrew Calder was an ordained Episcopal priest with the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. He was also the founder of Georgia Paranormal Research Team also known as G.P.R.T. Highly respected and loved, Father Andrew Calder dedicated his life to helping people and educating them about the dangers that can be encountered while dabbling in the paranormal.

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